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Adjusting to Low Vision

If you’re having problems with your eyesight, and tools like glasses or contacts no longer help, there’s a world of products and support created just for you: the Community Low Vision Centers.

Everybody at the Community Low Vision Centers has some type of low vision, and so do hundreds of our colleagues at our parent company, IFB Solutions. Because we’ve walked in your shoes, we bring first-hand experience to your questions and concerns and our recommendations.

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Personal help from people who’ve been there

We know how little things can make a difference—like adhesive “bumps” to direct you to the right setting on a flat-screen washer control—and how lighting, contrast, and filters can transform daily activities like reading mail and watching TV. We’ve organized online communities for everything from specific eye conditions like macular degeneration to new innovations and technologies.

Most importantly, we’ve all experienced the frustration of slowly losing sight and independence ourselves. We know what you’re going through—and we know how much better things can be with the right tools and support.

We’re ready to help you get started

You could order adaptive devices through a website. But you won’t get the hands-on experience of our product demos and personalized guidance, plus a real person to call if you have questions. And who has time for that?

Your life is waiting—and so is our low vision community.

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